Senior Training (15th November 2020)

Progressive warm up for six minutes starting off slowly. Rrun last minute harder so you feel out of breath at the end. Short rest then four times 20 second strides.
2 sets of running one minute hard followed by one minute easy jog/brisk walk 6 times.
3 mins easy walk in between sets.
Try and run as hard as you can for the one minute efforts.
Jog/brisk walk cool down

Run a progressive warm up for at least 10 min, 30s recovery followed by 4 times 20 second strides with 10 second walk recovery in between.
6 – 8 times 800m at slightly quicker (5 – 10 seconds) than your 5k pace with 90 seconds recovery.
Try and run each effort at the same pace. Shorten recovery time to progress.
Jog cool down
Remember Yasso 800s? If you want to test your fitness for your marathon training run 800m in minutes and seconds that you aim to run your marathon in, in hours and minutes. So for example, if your target marathon time is 3 hours 30 minutes, run your Yasso 800s in 3 mins and 30s.
Recovery time should be the same as running time at a slow jog and the target is to do 10. Good luck!

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