Senior Training (22nd November 2020)

This week’s efforts session ties in with the Lockdown Extravaganza that has been set by our Club Captain, Byron. It is a mile challenge, which both Improvers and the Development Group can have a go at.
Both groups
Warm up to your chosen location, start off very easy and gradually increase pace through the warm up. Run for at least 10 minutes, finishing the last minute of your warm up at your 5k pace.
Rest for 30s then run 4 times strides to get your legs turning over quickly.
Run the first mile effort at your 10k pace as a warm up for the main event.
Walk to get your breath back and prepare for your target mile
Run Mile 2 as fast as you can


Run 4 times 90s at your 5k pace with 30s walk recovery
Jog recovery home/cool down/stretches

Run Mile 3 at your 10k pace
Finish with
4 times 2 minute fast efforts with 30s jog recoveries
Easy run home/Stretches

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