Senior Training

The sessions at BARC are filling up each week now, we’re sorry if you haven’t been able to book on but do keep trying as bookings can be taken up to an hour before the session starts and cancellations often come in. Thank you for cancelling if you can’t come. We hope you are all enjoying the interval sessions, it’s been great to see athletes putting so much effort in!


Mixed pace efforts

Warm up


2 times 4 mins with 2 min recovery

2mins rest

4 times 2 mins with 1 min recovery

2 mins rest

4 times 1 min with 1 min recovery



Warm up

2 sets of:

6 times 2 minutes at 5k pace with 1 min recoveries

3 mins rest in between sets

Cool down

To book your training session at 5.30 please click here. For the 6.45 session click here.

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