Senior Training

If you unable to use your session, please cancel your ticket on EventBrite to allow someone else to take your place. We had several no-shows this week – as we have limited spaces available at best, this is really unfair to clubmates. Tickets can be cancelled by via the link at the bottom of the confirmation email – must be done from a laptop or computer rather than a mobile device. If anyone has problems, please use the ‘contact organiser’ link on the ticket so that it can be dealt with (rather than posting queries on Facebook). Thank you.

Tues 5.30pm:
Tues 6.45pm:


Mixed pace efforts

Warm up

Set 1

5 mins comfortably hard pace 2 mins recovery

3 times 1 min hard effort, 1 min recovery

2 mins rest

Set 2

As set 1

Set 3

4 times 30s fast, 30s recovery



Short pyramids

Warm up

1-2-3-2-1 workout

3 sets of:
1 min at under 5k pace, 30s jog recovery
2 mins at 5k pace, 1 min jog recovery
3 mins at 10k pace, 90s jog recovery,
then down the ladder
3 mins rest, then repeat. 3 sets in total


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