Senior Training

Wright’s Weekly Whinge!!

Senior Tuesday Bookings
Due to the recent high volume of last-minute ticket cancellations, from this week, the cut off to book/cancel your Tuesday session will be 9.30pm on Monday night. This will allow us time to prepare attendee lists as we will be tracking no-shows. As a reminder, you can not cancel your ticket using the EventBrite app (iPhone nor Android) but need to cancel via the website using a browser such as Chrome, Edge, Safari etc. Ady posted a youtube video on the FB page a while back. You can see the video here too.

If you are really struggling (and I know some of you have had genuine technical issues) you can contact the admins via the link on your ticket. As we are all volunteers and are supposed to be doing our other day jobs on Tuesdays, please try not to leave your problematic cancellation until 5pm!

Use the links below to book your session.

Tues 5.30pm:
Tues 6.45pm:

VI Runners

Following a Risk Assessment VI Runners are now able to book their training session on any of the tracks.


Short efforts.

Warm up.

2 sets of:

4 times 2 minutes hard running, 1 minute active recovery

2 minutes rest in between sets.



Downward ladder

Warm up.

Set 1

1 times 6 minutes at 10k pace, 2 minutes jog recovery

2 times 4 mins at 5k pace, 1 minute recovery

3 minutes rest.

Set 2

3 times 2 minutes hard, 1 minute recovery

2 times 1 minute full effort, 1 minute recovery

Cool down/stretches.

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