Senior Training (8th November 2020)

As we are back running on the roads and trails, this week’s TPs are on distance for a change.


Alternate running 400m easy and then 400m quicker for 40 mins after an easy jog warm up.

Make sure there is a distinct difference between the two paces, you should be really quite out of breath on the quicker efforts.

If you don’t have a watch, choose a landmark/tree etc in the distance and use that to aim for. If you are running with someone else, take it turns to choose the landmark and spice it up a bit by throwing in some shorter, quicker efforts by choosing a nearer landmark.

Cool down slow jog

Development Group

5 times 1km efforts with half the effort time jog recovery.

Take a 10 minute progressive warm up, rest for 30s and then try and run each km at your target 5k pace, with the last one a bit quicker if you can.

To progress this session, reduce your recovery times in between the km efforts to a one minute slow jog recovery.

Cool down easy run

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