Specialist Festival roles

We have a couple of specialist roles to fill at the BFoR – lead car (perferably team of two) and marathon course set up (team of two). Is anyone able to offer their services please?
The lead car is driven at the front of the lead marathon runner and radios updates to race HQ.  Under athletics regs, we are advised that anyone undertaking the lead car role should check with their insurer that they are covered for the activity.
The Marathon course is mostly set up the day before and then checked on the morning of the race and requires two people to set the course up with all the necessary signs. We have all the information so it’s a matter of jumping in and out of a vehicle and bashing signs into the ground so runners don’t get lost and know how far they’ve run.
These are critical roles so please give it some thought and if you are interested let Judith know. Full briefing instructions will be given.
Thank you in advance for your support.

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