Subscription Renewals

Robin Farrar and Ady King have been working behind the scenes to get the renewal form uploaded onto the website. Subscriptions this year will again remain unchanged:

Adult (aged 23 +) £25
Family Membership ( 1 Parent member + up to 3 Juniors) £28
Family Membership ( 2 Parent members + up to 3 Juniors) £53

All other fees remain unchanged.  It will help the club’s cash flow enormously if renewals are made as soon as possible from the date of going ‘live’ on the website.

The cost is the same in 3 months time and £15 of the subscription goes straight to England Athletics, leaving £10 per senior member for the club. Robin Farrar will tell everyone on the closed Facebook page when its all systems go. I understand how difficult it will be for many in the coming months and appreciate in advance, your support.

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