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John’s Covid challenge

Here are the results after week four of the 5k challenge in series total order. This week’s individual results are in orange on the right. This week is the final one, so double points will be awarded. This means any of the top three can win the series. So we have a sprint finish! This […]

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John’s Covid Challenge

This week’s challenge is to get closest to knocking 5 seconds off the second week’s time. Do more than 5 second improvement, you’re bust and you will be last (unless anyone breaks it by more than you). You need to be 5 seconds or under to be a podium contender. No looking at your watch […]

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GoCardless training fees…now

In future payment of training and run session fees will be by card only for COVID reasons – no cash accepted! Please can those without a card go to our club webpage where there is a link to the information needed to get a card. Please do this now so you are ready for when […]

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Update from the Chair

We are moving in the right direction regarding training, thanks largely to our coaches, who have been planning Thursday ‘long’ runs for us, in addition to the weekly sessions available online. Please read the coaching item carefully and make sure that you follow the guidelines, to ensure that you are not disappointed by overlooking the […]

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