Thank you from Alice

Following my stint as club captain I want to say thank you for the heart warming messages I have received.
So many people have helped, guided and encouraged me through my three years. I have loved my time doing the job and wish Anna all the luck in the world as she takes over. I must say a special thank you to Toby for putting up with me as my sidekick for the first two years. And to Robin, Karen and John whose friendship, advice, help and love were there from the start and will never be forgotten.
Ken and Tony have dealt with hundreds of e mails from me for the newsletter-thank you for rewriting my pants wording.
To my little fundraising team of Rachel, Sarah, Justine, Sue and Rose – we rocked.
To everyone on Main Committee, my close friends, all the volunteers who make the club what it is and to every single club member.
Finally, thanks to mum Louise and dad Andy and to Stuart who deserves the loudest shout out for living through every thick and thin minute of it with me. Much love to you all.

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