This week’s BARC training sessions

Please book your session using the links below to the Eventbrite site. If you can’t make your pre-booked session, please cancel via Eventbrite to allow another runner to take your place.

If you are booking more than one ticket (e.g. for your & your partner) please make separate bookings rather than two tickets on the same booking. The club now has to keep names of who attends each session. Of equal importance is that if you have to cancel a ticket, EventBrite will cancel all tickets for that booking. As we operate a waiting list, cancelled places are offered automatically by the system so you might not be able to re-book!

Please note that guided running is now permitted under England Athletics guidelines, but VI runners may only be guided by a member of their household or social bubble. Will all runners please make sure they have read the club’s risk assessment document and what to expect at BARC, especially the need for prompt timing!

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