This week’s runs

The runs for the forthcoming week in this document. We have made several changes to the social runs in an aim to improve enjoyment for all.

Firstly, we are able to increase the numbers on a run to 8 runners plus a LIRF. Participation in a run is at your own risk and in booking a session you are confirming that you have not been unwell with COVID symptoms in the last 7 days or been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 for the last 14 days. Here is the updated risk assessment for club runs.

Secondly, we are tweaking the pace of the fastest group as this was not being well used. This group will now be 9 min miles or quicker. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to use this group and have a knock-on effect with the other groups too.

Since numbers have now increased we will only be offering one run at each pace (with the exception of the 10 to 11 min mile group) and we will monitor how well the runs are used and make changes as needed.

There is no improvers run this week – sorry.

You will need to email the LIRFs directly to book your place and will also need to supply a mobile phone number. The LIRFs will keep a record of who has attended along with their email and mobile number.

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