This Week’s Training Plans (14th Feb 2021)

I don’t think many of us managed to get out for a run last week with the big freeze, so hopefully this week we can all don our running shoes and get back to some training!

Mixed pace efforts
Thorough warm up of at least 8 mins starting slowly to raise your heart rate gradually and increasing pace throughout, finish with x 4 strides/pickups.
Set 1
6 mins at tempo pace
2 mins jog recovery
3 times 1 min hard effort (mile pace) with 1 min recovery (walk a few paces to get your breath back and pick up to slow jog)
2 mins rest
Set 2
As Set 1
Set 3
4 times 30s fast, 30s recovery
Easy pace home, stretch indoors

To calculate your tempo and other paces, use one of the pace calculators available online like this one

Warm up for at least 8 to 10 mins by starting with a brisk walk, gradually increasing to a jog and then run at an easy pace before picking up speed for the last minute. Get your breath back and do 4 times pick-ups/strides.
(Remember these are where you run for 10 paces gradually getting quicker, run 10 paces hard and then 10 paces reducing your pace to a walk, walk 10 paces and repeat. Each pace is counted every time your left foot touches the ground. Each pickup should take about 30s including the walk recovery) Doing these pickups will get your legs turning over quickly and raise your heart rate ready to start your session.
2 Sets of:
4 mins at a pace you could run hard at for about 15 mins
1 min walking recovery
3 times 90s at a slightly quicker pace with 90s recovery. Briskly walk your recovery for the first minute and then pick up to a jog so you are ready to hit your next effort.
2 mins recovery
Easy jog home and stretch inside

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