This Week’s Training Plans (24th JAN 2021)

This week the session is 800m repeats or 4 min efforts if you’d rather run these on time. There are two ways you can attempt these, try A) or B).
After a thorough warm up:

A – Run 6 x 800m or 4 minutes at just a bit quicker than your 5k pace and take a slow jog/brisk walk recovery for 90 seconds. Aim to run each effort at the same pace or get slightly quicker.

B – Run 6 x 800m in the time in minutes and seconds that you would aim to run a marathon in, in hours and minutes. So for e.g. if your target marathon time is 3 hours and 30 mins, you run your 800m in 3 mins and 30s. These efforts are known as Yasso 800s and are used as an indication of your marathon fitness level. You should run each one in the same time and aim to complete 6 or 8. If you do try these, make sure you get a full recovery before starting the next one, anything up to the time it takes you to run each effort. If you can’t hit the target time on each effort, slow down to a pace that you can. These are tough but it is handy to try this session at the beginning of a training block and then repeat again later on to assess your increased fitness.
Cool down jog home and stretch in the warm

Thorough warm up
Set 1
5 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins 2 mins, 1 min. Gradually increase your pace with each effort. Take half the run time as brisk walk recovery.
2 minutes rest
Set 2
4 x 1 minute hard running with 1 minute walk recovery
2 minutes rest
Set 3
4 x 30 seconds very hard running with recoveries until you get your breath back enough to run each one again! (up to a minute)
Cool down/stretch in the warm

Cool down jog home and stretch in the warm

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