This Week’s Training Plans

Just to remind you that ‘Development’ is for the more experienced runners and ‘Improvers’ is for those new to running and post-beginners.

A Tempo Sandwich!
Thorough warm up of at least 10 minutes starting easy. Finish with 4 times strides / pick-ups
8 minutes at tempo pace
2 minutes jog recovery
Try and increase pace gradually (5 to 10 seconds per kilometre or mile) with each effort down the ladder
6 minutes, 4 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute
With 2 minutes slow jog recovery after each effort
8 minutes at tempo
Cool down jog home
Remember tempo pace is the pace you can run hard at for one hour. Don’t go off too hard and be unable to increase your pace down the ladder but don’t hold back either. If you can’t manage the 8 minutes tempo at the end of the session, try and aim for your marathon pace.

Quick and Slow!
Warm up for at least 6 minutes, start with brisk walking for a minute before jogging and then gradually pick up the pace for the last minute. Finish with 4 times strides/pick-ups
Alternating pace
Run for 1 minute hard followed by 1 minute jog at least 10 times, more if you can! Run the 1 minute hard efforts at a pace where you will be out of breath and unable to say more than a word or two. Take a few steps walking recovery and then pick up to slow jog. There should be a big difference in pace between the two efforts. This session will help you to push yourself to run at a fast pace but not a flat out sprint as you need to be able to repeat the efforts and maintain your pace. It is good to practice running hard as your form will improve and you will discover just what you can do.

Reminder – don’t forget to add your Interval training mileage to your LEJOG totals!

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