Time for a clean break

As a running club we are so lucky to own our own ground and the facilities on it.  No other running club in our area can boast this.  The downside is that the upkeep is therefore down to us.  We rely on the kindness of our members to volunteer for jobs and roles within the club. 

Our toilets are a prime example of this.  No one wants to use a dirty toilet, but the only way that they will be clean is if we clean them.  

Currently we have a fantastic group of ladies who volunteered for this task, but their rota is soon to come to an end.  I’d like to set up a new rota to cover the summer months.  

Please email me if you be prepared to help.  Many hands make light work.  The more people who volunteer, the less onerous the task.  Gentlemen welcome to offer too.


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