Times for 400 metres from Thursday 5th January 2017

Hi All

Please find below the best time for 400 metres completed by each athlete at tonight’s session.

Under the very freezing conditions all the athletes did extremely well.

There were 3 personal bests achieved this evening, Alfie Gard, Evie Bidnall and Peter Lowther.  Congratulations to you three and the athletes that were only a few seconds out to getting a personal best.

Name Previous Personal Best  
  Min.sec  Min.sec
Alfie Gard 1.22 1.21
Cerys Drew 2.01 2.05
Dexter Limpenny 1.27 1.33
Emma Deal First Attempt 2.04
Evie Bidnall 2.12 2.09
Freddie Cox-Hartigan 1.39 1.50
Harry Allcock 1.12 1.14
Jack Allcock 1.29 1.33
Joe Allcock 1.27 1.38
Kiah Butcher 1.56 3.01
Kyla Butcher 1.41 2.10
Megan Sergeant 1.48 2.07
Peter Lowther 1.38 1.35
Reuben Andrews 1.23 1.25
Rowan Huggins First Attempt 3.01
Tess Andrews 1.28 1.30

A thank you to all coaches and helpers that endured the freezing weather to make this an excellent session.

Well done every one.

Sue P, Richard and Christine


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