Following on last week’s RNR special the race results have been issued with Anna Graybeing the fastest female on stage 14’s 7.27 miles with a speedy 57:49.
Robin Farrar not only completed his 100th half marathon recently on the Virtual Great North Run. He also completed the Virtual London Marathon with daughter Fudge Farrar and Granddaughter Hannah-Mae Taylor. Hannah is also 4 1/2 months pregnant making it 3 1/2 generations completing the virtual event.
We had 16 Black Dogs complete the virtual London Marathon last Sunday. Which felt neither “virtual nor unofficial” according to comedian Rob Deering on Twitter and I tend to agree. There were many first timers in there too (including myself) and I have a whole new respect for anyone completing the distance, well done to:
Jessica Bedingfield, Jo Cox, Toby Craig, Hanna Dean, Fudge Farrar, Robin Farrar, Karen Gedge, Terry Green, Rachel Hirst, Tim Hirst, Penny Pullinger, Jules Rickards, Bobbie Sauerzapf, Hannah-Mae Taylor and Martyn Woodgate.

Don’t forget to email me with your own achievements or anyone you’d like to nominate. It would be great if people could also send in photos with their nominations.

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