#TopDogs (7th Feb 2021)

This week’s #TopDogs is a Race Yourself special… . . .
Full January results can be found on our website under Our Races and posted in our private Facebook group.
We had 14 Black Dogs join in the 5k event and 10 in the 10k. Top of the Pops in the 5k is Rebecca Bone with a great improvement of 4.37% from her Lockdown Extravaganza time, hot on her heels is Sophie Barnard with 3.46% and third was Byron McGill with 1.63%. We also welcome Sue Wright, Emma Meiring, Gus Riley. Michael Cook and Richard Crossland to the competition.
In the 10k Damian Ashcroft improved by a stunning 10.63% to take the top spot, silver again goes to Sophie Barnard with an equally impressive 4% with the bronze medal for the month going to Fudge Farrar with 0.3%. Setting their baseline times in January were Emma Meiring, Gus Riley, Michael Cook and Richard Crossland.
What’s really great to see in the results is that it is clear this event is not about speed it’s about personal improvement.
The February event is now open and don’t forget you can join in any time you like. If you didn’t take part in the Lockdown Extravaganza then your first month’s time will be your baseline. You don’t have to compete every month and you can do both or either distances. Also it’s not expected that everyone will improve every month but to track improvement over time.
Don’t forget we want to hear about your running achievements, it’s not all about speed and PBs either. Have you done something for the first time or something you’re proud of, email me. to feature in #TopDogs. You can also nominate others if you see or hear of an amazing achievement that should be recognised.

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