Trade your DIY skills for lunch

There will be a work party on Saturday 15 June, from 10.30 – 1800.

A free barbeque lunch will be provided at 13.00 and cake in the afternoon.

There are some very specific jobs that need to be undertaken , which require a good level of DIY skills: measuring, cutting, fixing board, plastic and felt onto rooves, walls etc. John has a list of the jobs and I will put a sign-up sheet at BARC for handy peeps to put their name against, with a brief description of what needs doing.  Most jobs require two-plus In a team, with some jobs taking longer to complete than others. If you can get yourselves into teams, John will instruct you on what needs doing/where.

These jobs are really important to get done while we have good weather and long days. Many of the jobs will not take long to complete. There are plenty of smaller lighter work that needs doing too. Please, in exchange for a good lunch and cake, let us know what you can do.

It really is appreciated.

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