Upcoming Races

Corona Canter

This is the last week to enter and run/jog/walk 10km in the Corona Canter. We’ve had finish times submitted from 33 minutes to just over 2 hours so there is a place on the results board for everyone. Come on you fast folks; we really can’t let a St Edmund Pacer take top spot!! Entry details on our website. Please submit your time via the website ”submit results” button rather than email.

Other options

If you fancy the idea of a race and a medal then, currently, you really only have two options.

A number of organisations (including BBDRC) are offering virtual events. You run the specified distance on a course of your choosing. Take a look at Nice Work and Total Race Timing for inspiration.

There are also a number of time trial events where runners set off in small, socially distanced groups. Have a look at Inspire Races Get Running.

Yes, I know. It’s not like the real thing but who wants to be in a herd of several hundred nasty, sweaty, spitty runners at this moment in time?

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