Virtual Ekiden

Many of you are disappointed that this year’s Ekiden relay is cancelled. Fear not, you can still get your Ekiden fix via the virtual Ekiden relay.

This event will take place over the weekend of 10th-12th July. Each senior team consists of 6 runners (legs: 2x10km, 3x5km, 1×7.5km) and junior teams consist of 4 runners who each run one mile.

Runs over the weekend will need to be submitted along with evidence such as Strava or Garmin screenshots to make sure everything is fair and above board. Full details can be found here.

It would be lovely to get as many Black Dog teams as possible. Initially, it would be great if any budding team captains could let Richard Crossland know and we will submit the entries (we’ll need runners names, genders and running categories and of course an amusing team name!); check the website for more information.

So, it’s time to get talking to your clubmates and getting your teams together. However, for those keen to run who perhaps don’t know who to approach about getting a team together, or those who may be in a group but need a couple of extra runners, email me and I will try my best to match people up. It would help when you email if you also tell me the age category you run in.

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