VMLM Club Draw

The rules for the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon (VMLM) 2019 club draw are below; these have not changed in the last 3-4 years, however there’s further clarity this year to avoid confusion.

  • You have to have been a paid up first claim club member when you entered the VMLM ballot in 2019 (28 April-3 May 2019).  These dates will be checked against the date you joined the running club or renewed your membership, if you joined or renewed after 3 May 2019 you will be excluded).
  • Second claim members are not eligible.
  • If you have received a club place and ran in the last three years, you are not eligible to enter for this year’s ballot. (2016 draw for 2017 VMLM, 2017 draw for 2018 VMLM, 2018 draw for 2019 VMLM are all excluded).
  • Your first year in the club ballot sees you go into Pot 3.  If it’s your second consecutive time in the club ballot you go into Pot 2. If it’s your third consecutive year, you go into Pot 1.
  • At the Christmas Party on the 13 December, one name is pulled from Pot 1.
  • All remaining names from Pot 1 roll down to Pot 2, where another name is drawn out.
  • All remaining names from Pot 2 roll down into Pot 3 and a final name is drawn.
  • The three named members all receive a club place for VMLM 2020.

There is a clear expectation that if you are entering the 2019 club draw, and you are successful in securing a coveted place, that you fully intend running the 2020 marathon. Deferrals to 2021 are considered not acceptable unless you have no option due to injury.
Printed rejection slips need to be handed to me or Jayne Capps-Jenner as soon as possible but by at latest by 21 November. We will not accept them by email or after this date.  Between us, we are normally at club both nights, and I can be found usually at Gorleston parkrun or racing on Sundays.

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