Work Party Update

Our most recent work party completed a number of site jobs (largely unseen but crucial) on Saturday 15 June: new roof on the kitchen shed, the changing room lined and waterproofed, urinal roof waterproofed, fencing re-positioned around the long jump pit, maintenance work on the boundary fence and electric fence, track leveling and seeded and toilets painted and commissioned.

John W has estimated that the work party have saved the club approximately £4,000 in getting these jobs ‘ticked off’ the constant list of work to be done.

A tasty BBQ lunch and afternoon tea and cakes were served. Helpers were: Stephen Pulpher, Simon Smith, Jon Wiles, Robin and Christine Ashe, Alice Kirk, Tim and Rachel Hirst, Fudge, Bob Paul, Graham and Ann Sampson, Judith Sadler, John W and me.

I hope I haven’t missed anyone – a very big thank you to you all!

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